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Feb 25, 2004
The Today’s youth of Iran- Part II

Well, time to go on the rant. I apologize for my absence, like the other half of the nation; I had to visit a dentist on Saturday and I still feel pain in my jaw. As you already know, the people hit us very badly in the mouth by their punch on the Election Day!

We were talking about the dumb traits of the current generation of Iranian students and how mentally weak, irresponsible and self-victimized they have become.

Read on to find out the rest of the dumb traits:


Trait #4: They have no ambition and drive

With the exception of a select few, today's generation is content to piss daddy’s money all over, waste all the semester’s time “hanging around” and “staying out” (again translation of Farsi terms), have the “bookworm” friend’s copied lecture notes and only pass courses by their extraordinary boot licking skills. They have no drive. Unless you force them to do something, they won’t do anything.

No one wants to do unglamorous jobs; nobody wants to get his fingernails dirty. Going three days with only few hours to sleep to finish an optional project, or working for a small company or research lab on very low wages (even for no money) to learn and practice and then have something to offer later ,traditionally been rituals for moving up the academic ladder, is now forgotten even is considered a sin. Going through the important subjects’ course books (and a few other books besides it) many times and solving the advanced problems which my generation called “chewing books” for making a name for yourself and getting recognized by the influential faculty members is now subject to ridicule.

Now today’s students will not change the schedule of their trips to Caspian Sea’s marvelous beaches not to say anything about working on a project days and night continuously and more importantly relentlessly for 6 months.

Worst problem? They don’t give a damn that they are as ambitious as my grandfather’s donkey.

Who is to blame? Islamic Republic? Television? Viagra? Anything or anyone who produces instant results?


Trait #5: They have no respect for authority

I myself have no respect for the so-called professors who cannot solve a simple equation or don’t know the difference between channel coding and source coding. (they are only mathematics after all, like one of the jerk-professors in my undergrad school told us once).

The problem arises when the professor or the TA know their job very well and you start bad-mouthing them because you are too lazy to catch up on the course.

He is the professor and you are not so shut up and go back behind your desk. Even when the professor’s knowledge is too obsolete and in the final exam he gives problems that only prove his stupidity and lack of knowledge do as my friend did: Correct the problem, mention the theory behind it and hope the jerk understands it and give the solution to the modified and corrected problem. How can you not respect that friend of mine and be fond of those little brats?

They talk back, they talk out of line, and they talk more useless than my Aunt. You are not the one supposed to have opinions on the subjects that should be covered. The other day I wanted to break a kid’s legs (both not just one) who was bitching about the Statistics and Probability (a first-year course) syllabus and why it doesn’t include “non Gaussian estimation”.

The people who teach you things deserve the highest respect even the very class room you sit in everyday deserve some respects because it’s an academic environment.

Maybe I am old and have old-fashioned ideas. But I never stretched my legs even behind the family’s table the way they stretch their legs to the front chair in the classrooms.


Trait #6: They watch rubbish movies, worse they listen to crappy music.

They are not able to appreciate classic masterpieces like Dr. Strangelove or Citizen Kane. If you do a survey on their most liked movies I bet it will be either the bawdy American Pie or the lewd Basic Instincts.

Today’s youth seem to be intrigued more by Harry Potter and Pretty Woman than by Vertigo. Tom Cruise is a pervasive sensation, while the most liked actress is largely determined by her bra cup’s size.

Ask them about Al Pacino or Robert De Niro, the answer will be something like: fine actors but not as good as Tom. Marlon Brando and Cary Grant? Don’t know them very well. Sir Laurence Olivier? The Australian prime minister, isn’t he?


On the music they listen to (or worse they argue about for hours each day):

A little more Sinatra and a little less Bach sonatas, or whatever of that sort, will go a long way. Have you listened to the garbage the youth listen to these days? Some “song” called “incest” or “sodomy” which make you believe Sodom and Gomorrah are still in full swing.

No one is inspired by that crap. It’s repulsive, it makes me sick. Worse, they argue music shouldn’t be inspiring even not necessarily be melodic!

I don’t do drugs and I don’t drink. The only times however I find myself in the desperate need of “getting high” or being heavily drunk is when I accidentally hear the garbage they listen to. After all, one must have a means for forgetting what he hears.


It’s scary where our youths are heading toward. When the trend is like this in our university which has one of the finest and most prestigious engineering disciplines in our country how things are going on elsewhere? What sort of future is awaits our country?

Well I think my rant is done. I made my peace.

Posted at 09:57 pm by oddamongbrains
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Feb 18, 2004
Received email

Today I was going to post the second part of the Iranian youth’s dumb traits but I got an email from somebody which I seem to know, that convinced me more in the fact that my opinions on the today’s youth are fully correct.

Before commenting on my entries, I should warn you that because of the very bad mood I am in, the “harshest” criticism I am going to tolerate is something like “Oh Mohammad, you great one, why didn’t you tell us more?”. So be careful.

Here is the email and my answer:


“I read ur post with appall. And I wanted to camment in private.

What do you think are you to slam all new students who are doing their courses in a better university than you? What you achived already to talk on them? Many will come to high universites here than I am finishing and you will never ever can dream about that.

So keep your bulshits to yourself and noone else.



Hi “Anonymos” (or Anony-mouse)

First be enough of a man and give me your name. Call yourself Fati, Nazi or even Mellica but give me something. How can I respect someone who is afraid of giving me his name?


Alright Fati I am not going to waste too much time with you so let’s make it quick.


1. It’s a good thing that you are in one of the high “universities”. You might learn to write a readable letter by your graduation. Good heavens, did I miss the news when they announced that they have stopped teaching people to compose letters in high schools? I strongly advise you to learn it in your “high” university.


2. I have good news for you: You spell much better than my grandmother. But the bad news is that she didn’t speak English and was illiterate


3. Don’t get me wrong kid. I am not angry at you. Happy Nowrooz in advance, and don’t forget that the brown stuff in the toilet bowl is not for you to eat.

Posted at 10:07 pm by oddamongbrains
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Feb 15, 2004
Iran's today youth

Well, it’s time for a rant. I am not in the best sort of mood as I write these lines. Why you are asking now. Normally I would whine half an hour to answer that question. But NO! Not this time.

This time I would reply: “none of your damn businesses” and you know why? Because I am beginning to feel a tremendous lack of masculinity around me. It’s the time to put an end to the Merlyn Monroe-style whining: “I don’t like this, I don’t like that. Happy Valentine. Look at my boobs Mr. President”.

Wondering why I have arrived at this kind of mood? Simple: The first semester of graduate school is over and I have got to know undergrad students more. Tell you the truth, I am dumfounded by what I see everyday. Many young (freshman and sophomore students) students (male students I meant) are now treating in ways that grosses everybody out! Even the thought of being a teaching assistant in their classes scares me out now!

I don’t know and don’t really care about what is the trend within female students. They are not supposed to be the one who are going to be in charge of things, or the ones changing the world. (Take a joke sweetheart or get off the computer and get back to the kitchen I told you I am in no good mood.) And thankfully that “emasculation” virus has largely inflicted Computer majoring students. But the Electrical engineering ones seem to be inflicting more and more by that virus on a daily basis.

The students of my generation (or of older generations) know exactly what I mean don’t you? If you agree, send me an email using the left menu, if you don’t…. well forget about it I don’t like the people who disagree with me.

Here are several dumb traits of Iran’s today youth. You can see and then judge by yourself.


Trait #1: They are a society of victims: (I couldn’t find a better word for “badbakht, bichare, badshans than victim)

“My mum gave me too much food as a kid and now I am fat. I am a victim”. “My parents bought me a Pride as the present for being accepted to UT. Girls are not impressed with Prides anymore. I am a victim. They should have bought me at least a Peugeot”. “I wrote on the papers I used to cheat by a pencil. I couldn’t read them very well at the exam. I am going to fail it I am a victim”. “I wore a tight shirt that reveals 95% of my over-sized breasts, and a classmate looked at them, I'm a victim of sexual harassment. Men have become pigs these days. He should have done everything in his power to avoid looking at my oversized silicone breasts.”

Just shut the f...k up!

 The only things they are a victim of, like all other human beings myself included, are our stupidities and incompetence. Our inability to handle hard times and pressure. When did guys become such wimps? 

Hey “Fanni” students grow a spine. Be men, not ballerinas.


Trait #2: They blame society for all their ineptitudes.

The entire stereotype you hear these days from the “youth” is: “this country (“mamlekat” as they like to refer to it) is really fucked up I must escape”! While they cannot tell the difference between “convincing someone” with “conceiving someone”, and have failed half of their courses, they talk hours and hours on taking TOEFL and GRE exams.

Not to mention that most of them are getting daddy to pay for transferring to most prestigious (and expensive) American or Canadian schools. 

It used to be very hard to get what you wanted. You had to perspire for hours studying the lessons, doing the homework and still be in doubt if you get the marks you deserve. Now today’s youth does give a crap about the academic pursuit.

They are content to prance around and spend most nights partying, smoke cigarettes and go out with Niki Karimi look-alikes (or Leila Hatami’s or Mahtab Keramati’s) and see how long they can ride on their parents' backs (or more appropriately wallets).


I just give them one message: If you have to blame the country for your own incompetence then you don't deserve to breathe the same air I do (though Tehran’s air is nothing to fancy about!). Lose yourself in the desert. Blame no one but yourself .


Trait #3: Pink shirts, tight jeans, long hairs, moisturized skins, even earnings and trimmed eyebrows

What can I say to this bunch of finochios disguising as men? (finochio: Italian word of the day. Watch The Godfather again to find out what it means).

Only I say: If God wanted you to act as if you had a vagina he would have certainly been able to give you one (or more!).

Can you believe that I saw some “guy” weeping (yes weeping) and begging to a TA for increasing his mark? It is just true.


There’re more traits to come. Wait for next posts.

………to be continued

Posted at 08:59 pm by oddamongbrains
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Feb 11, 2004

Well St. Valentine day’s around.

Be wary of receiving a pink card wrapped with colorful ribbons, you might end up in a river!

I suggest reading A Mafioso’s Valentine Day. Real men who seem to have been extinct in the over-feminized world of today for execution the rest of us just for a laugh.

Posted at 11:59 am by oddamongbrains
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Feb 7, 2004
Extraordinary abilities

Have you ever been wondering about some capabilities and abilities, you may or may not posses?

I don’t mean just wondering. To be astonished at amazed at being able to do something uniquely and perfectly that no other one is able to do to the same perfection as you are able to.

Some people are extremely good at negotiating. As Dr. Chester Karrass, widely considered the top negotiation guru according to most Fortune 500 companies, put it so wisely “instead of getting what you deserve in life, you often get what you negotiate for”.

Some other people are able to work for 16 hours a day and still don’t find it a burden. Some are natural born managers; at least some are extremely good at courting even the most drop-dead gorgeous girls around!

Or have you ever discovered to posses the ability to analyze every complicated mathematical challenge of communication theory with minor difficulties and reach the answers of the hardest coding problems so quickly that even your hard headed professor is impressed with?

Huh, I wasn’t talking about myself back there! It was you know a talented female classmate who smiles at you in every class together. And when you go on to ask her out, you hear: “I have been happily married for the past three years”!

Well then you might be wondering about your extraordinary capability of screwing up every conversation with the members of the opposite sex!

Posted at 11:45 pm by oddamongbrains
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Feb 2, 2004
I am as mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this anymore.

THE ORIGINAL BLOG IS LOCATED HERE: http://oddamongbrains.blogsky.com

Apart from being stuck with blogsky’s ineptitudes and screwing up final exams, I have done something worth of mentioning during this compulsory break!

That thing as you Einsteins over there have already guessed is watching a movie.

Network, starring Faye Dunaway, William Holden, Peter Finch and directed by Sidney Lumet was one of the films I had long been long look forward to watching and reviewing.

First off, it is worth mentioning that the movie received five acting Oscar nominations with three wins (Dunaway and Finch for leading roles and Beatrice Straight for the supporting actress). Only A Streetcar Named Desire has as many Oscars for acting in the history of Academy (with 4 nominations for Brando, Walden, Leigh Malden and 3 wins).

But the unique and most important feature of Network, in my opinion is Paddy Chayefsky’s masterful and satirical script. His rich fullness of that can be mainly found in the late 60’s and early 70’s British movies such as: A Man for All Seasons, Sleuth and Lion in The Winter. Events plotted in Network however take place in the contemporary time and Chayefsky’s prophetic, literal and pun-full script helps us both capture and understand the all pervasive mood of anxiety in mid-70’s in the United States caused by bad economy as a result of Arab oil embargo (After Yum Kippur war).

Also the script makes a lot of references to several historic figures and events with makes me worth watching more than once and more accurately.

Finally, it should be noted that the film can not be called a masterpiece a lot of guffs, disunities and even asynchrony between voice and acts happens here and there due to its ridiculously incompetent editing and poor cinematography.


Here you can find several of my favorite quotes of the film:


Howard Beale: I am as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.

Diana Christensen: I see Howard Beale as a latter day prophet….a magnificent messianic figure inveighing against the hypocrisies of our time.

Diana Christensen: He told me I was the worst lay he ever had. I apparently have a masculine temperament, I arouse quickly, consummate prematurely, and can’t wait to get my clothes on and get out of that bedroom.

Howard Beale: I don’t know what to do about the depression and the inflation and the Russians and the crime in the streets. But I know you gotto sayI am a human being Goddamit, my life has value.

Caroline Schumaker: This is your great winter romance, isn't it? Your last roar of passion before you settle into your emeritus years. Is that what's left for me?

Is that my share? She gets the winter passion, and I get the dotage?

Max Schumaker: I am not a man discussing male menopausal with you. I am the man that you presumably love.

Max Schumaker: Why does a woman always think that the most savage thing she can say to a man is to impugn his cocks-manship?

Max Schumaker: And it's a happy ending. Wayward husband comes to his senses, returns to his wife with whom he's established a long and sustaining love. Heartless young woman left alone in her arctic desolation.

Music up with a swell, final commercials. And here are a few scenes from next week's show.

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